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In late December, a rare meteorological phenomenon occurred in Texarkana. During a thunderstorm, it rained fish from the sky. Sometimes waterspouts pick up and drop small frogs, crabs and fish, but in this case no evidence of waterspouts could be found to explain this quirk of nature.

“We’re a little confused as to how it happened,” said a weatherman.

Meteorologists said a series of thunderstorms passed through the area on Wednesday afternoon, December 29, but no warnings of falling fish were issued. However, local residents reported seeing fish falling from the sky.

A man, Tim Brigham, related this Texarkana Gazettethat it started to hail and looked like a tornado was about to hit. Next thing he knew, “fish were falling” and bouncing off the concrete. He picked up some to use as bait.

A car dealer reported that fish were all over the street in front of his dealership about a hundred yards away. Fortunately, there have been no reports of people being injured by falling fish. Social media was full of people posting lazy pictures.

I love hearing good fish stories. Bubba and Billy Bob spoke about their recent fishing trips and Bubba said: “You wouldn’t believe it. I caught a bass so big it dragged the boat around the lake before I could land it. When I finally pulled it in, it was over a meter long.”

Billy Bob said, “It’s nothing. I was bottom fishing the other day and hooked something heavy on the hook and when I pulled it in it was a Coleman lantern that someone had thrown overboard and believe it or not the lantern was still burning.”

Bubba said, “Tell you what. I’ll take three feet off my bass if you blow out the lantern.”

Billy Bob said, “That’s a deal!”

One man, Chuck, had been ice fishing all day without success. Not even a nibble. He decided to pack it up when this old guy approached him. Without saying a word, he cut a hole a few feet from Chuck and immediately caught a fish. The old man coughed, hung a bait on his hook and within seconds snagged another fish. This happened three more times within a few minutes.

Chuck couldn’t believe his eyes. He’d been out there all day without seeing a single fish. He walked over to the man and asked, “What’s your secret?”

“Woohattakipowrmwm,” he replies.

“What did you say?” asked Chuck.

The man repeated his incomprehensible answer.

“What?” Chuck asked again.

The man looked over, spat a gulp of worms onto the ice and said, “You’ve got to keep your worms warm.”

Comedian Jerry Clower loved talking about Claude Ledbetter. When no one else was lucky enough to catch a fish, Claude always came home with a truckload of fish. A state game warden decided to ride with Claude to observe his technique.

They put the boat in the water and headed to the middle of the lake. Then Claude reached under his seat and pulled out a long stick of dynamite, lit it up, then threw it in the water and KABOOM! Within seconds, dead fish were floating to the surface all around the boat, and Claude grabbed a net and scooped them into the boat.

The game warden was furious. He showed his badge and said, “This is illegal and I will arrest you. You can’t fish with dynamite.”

Claude didn’t say a word. He calmly grabbed another stick of dynamite and handed it to the game warden.

As the fuse crackled and the game warden stammered, Claude said, “Do you want to talk or fish?”

When Jesus met Peter, Andrew, James, and John at the Sea of ​​Galilee, these ordinary fishermen were working to earn a living. But Jesus called them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Mark 1:17).

They immediately dropped their nets and followed him, and after three years of learning from Jesus and watching him model, they learned how to fish for souls instead of fishing.

Jesus calls us to become fishers of men too. If we don’t fish, we don’t fully follow. shall we go fishing

David L. Chancey is a native of Milledgeville and pastor of McDonough Road Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia. The church family is meeting at 352 McDonough Road and invites you to attend the 10 am service and the 11:10 am Bible study this Sunday. visit for online viewing options. Check out Chancey’s other writings below


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