Canterbury baker cops abuse unvaccinated customers


The rustic bakery cafe in Lincoln, Canterbury. Photo / included

A popular bakery in Lincoln on the outskirts of Christchurch has urged customers not to upset their employees if they don’t have a vaccination certificate and are denied service.

The Rustic Bakery Cafe posted online that they are “disappointed and disgusted with some people’s behavior this morning”.

Today there have been a number of cases of people failing to provide vaccination records and getting upset when they learned that only vaccinated people would be cared for.

Natalie Jones, who works outside the house and is a barista, said they were “disrespectful”.

Jones said that one person shouted “it’s fucking cop ***”.

Another screeched the tires of their car as they sped out of the parking lot. The police were called after the car almost hit another vehicle while leaving.

In a post on Facebook, the bakery stated, “This is not our choice, we did not make these rules, we did what is best for our business and the well-being of our employees and customers – we cannot survive with takeaways alone”.

“Please don’t tease our girls, they only do what they’re told.”

Jones described the two cases as “no fun”, but she expected that “it wouldn’t go smoothly.”

Rustic Bakery in rural Canterbury has chosen to only serve vaccinated customers “as this is the safest way to keep business”.

Each customer had to show their vaccination certificate to prove they had been double vaccinated before being handed out.

Customers also had to log in or scan the shop’s QR code and wear a mask.

Jones said, “95 to 98 percent of customers were great this morning”.

“It took a long time, we obey the law and want to keep our jobs.”


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