Boat thief sends bomb threats after stealing the start of the harbor tour


Tactical team aboard the launch Beaver after the Intercept (USCG)

Published June 27, 2021 8:40 PM by

The maritime executive

On Thursday, a suspect stole a boat from a Seattle dinner cruise company and headed north, broadcasting bomb threats and hostage threats on VHF Channel 16.

An Argosy Cruises agent contacted Puget Sound Coast Guard Sector Guard Post at around 7:50 a.m. Thursday to report that one of their boats, the launch, beaver, had been stolen from their dock. The Puget Sound sector began tracking the stolen ship as the suspect set out north. The sector launched two 45-foot reaction boat crews and the 87-foot cutter Swordfish diverted to the crime scene.

During the chase, the suspect reportedly used a VHF radio on Channel 16 aboard the stolen ship to broadcast threats of explosives and hostages. Security guards from the Puget Sound sector notified local authorities accordingly, and Seattle Vessel Traffic diverted maritime traffic out of the area.

Coast Guard units arrived at the scene at around 9:05 a.m. and found the suspect sitting at the stern of the boat. After talking to the person and assessing the situation, the boat crew approached Port Angeles Station and took the person into custody. They safely brought the stolen ship to shore in Seattle at around 4:20 p.m. for further investigation.

“I am proud of the determined response by the Coast Guard and our interagency partners to successfully de-escalate a complex active threat,” said Captain Patrick Hilbert, Commander of Sector Puget Sound. “Today’s event underscores the critical importance of continued partnership and coordination with state, local, and tribal agencies.”

Local police and Coast Guard personnel are investigating the incident.

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