Below Deck Sailing Yacht Cast Season 3: Where Are They Now?



Since it debuted in 2020, Bravo’s spin-off Sailing yacht below deck has certainly delivered some of the most dramatic feuds and steamy boatmances yet, and it looks like Season 3 is no different.

With Captain Glenn Shephard returning to command the Parsifal III, a few things have changed, including a brand new crew and filming location. The cast will be sailing the stunning waters of Menorca, Spain, but they’re definitely in for some rocky moments, especially when it comes to the love-hate relationship of returning crew members Gary and Daisy.

Well, it seems there’s more to come as Bravo pulls in one of the most unexpected crew connections Under deck Story. Say what? With so much happening during the cast’s filming last summer, what exactly have you been up to since then?

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Captain Glenn Shepherd

Capt. Originally from Montreal, Glenn returns for his third season of sailing yacht below deck, and with over 21 years in the industry he definitely knows what he’s doing. After filming Season 3, Glenn Shephard took a few months off and traveled quite a bit. The 61-year-old found himself in Ghent and Bruges, Belgium while venturing through Paris, France. Though he remains single for now, Captain Glenn poked fun at rumors claiming he was dating former crew member Sydney Zaruba Under deck star made it clear that the two are just “great friends.” Glenn later returned to Miami, Florida, just in time for the season debut.

Daisy Kelliher – Chief Stew

As Season 3 drew to a close, Daisy Kelliher, who returned as head chef aboard the Parsifal III, took a much-needed vacation. Kelliher visited Antigua in the Caribbean where she rang in the New Year and has stayed since filming. Considering her ongoing love-hate relationship with fellow actor Gary King, Daisy remains single for now, but she’s certainly not out of love with travel. Though she seems to be living the life that so many aspire to, Daisy revealed she suffers from severe separation anxiety when she shared how hectic and demanding her work could be in a post on Instagram on February 13, 2022

Gary King – First Officer

Being involved in the Bravo drama is nothing new for Gary, especially after his torrid season with Daisy. Well, after completing Season 3 in Menorca, Gary took some time off to reunite with his family; shared an adorable photo of him and his niece Ava on Instagram. The Bravo star is currently in St. Lucia soaking up the sun but hasn’t managed to escape the drama. After sharing a kiss with Daisy Kelliher in the final trailer of Season 3, fans have been wondering if he and Daisy are a couple. Well, despite the rumours, Gary and Daisy are not dating after confirming it E! Messages that the two are “just friends”.

Colin McRae – Chief Engineer

Colin McRae has returned to his old stomping grounds aboard the Parsifal III and given his love of sailing, fans are not surprised to see the Bravo star back on their screens. Since filming wrapped last summer, it wasn’t long before Colin and fellow Chief Stew Daisy got back together in December. Since then, Colin has devoted most of his time to his YouTube channel, sail parlay, which includes a series of videos showing his sailing adventures. Things are clearly going well for Colin’s online presence considering he was rewarded with a YouTube plaque with 100,000 subscribers on February 6th. “It’s been 4 years of VERY hard work, possibly the toughest of any sailing channel I’ve known to date and to reach this milestone is so satisfying for us,” he wrote on Instagram.

Marcos Spaziani – Chef

Say hello to Marcos Spaziani, Bravo’s newest chef. Born in Venezuela, he has been in the industry for over 10 years and brings his culinary expertise to the waters of Menorca. It didn’t take Marcos long to make a name for himself after season three Sailing yacht below deck. Spaziani currently resides in California and has decided to open his own restaurant in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Marcos and his colleague Louis Huh have been hard at work on their latest business venture, ML Eats LA.

Gabriela Barragan – 2nd stew

Gabriela Barragan is governing from San Diego and while new to the Under deck Crew, she is certainly no stranger to sailing. Barragan has worked as both a stewardess and deckhand for the past two years and has continued her yachting life after filming the third season of sailing yacht. Gabriela spent January and February working on a yacht in St Thomas. After living and working island life, Gabriela took to Instagram to share that all her “wildest dreams come true,” and considering she spends her days sailing through crystal clear waters, we don’t blame her reproach.

Ashley Marti – 3rd stew

Ashley Marti makes them Sailing yacht below deck debut, and she’s relatively new to the industry. Marti started working on yachts at the start of the pandemic. Despite ruling from New York, Marti is currently a West Coast girl enjoying the Los Angeles sunshine along with some of her castmates. Since Season 3, Ashley has traveled the United States and the Bahamas and is eager to return aboard the Parsifal III, so Bravo fans may see more of her in the future.

Kelsi Goglia – Sailors

Kelsi Goglia makes her Bravo debut this season sailing yacht. After catching the travel bug after a trip to Croatia, Kelsi has been a yachtie ever since, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be returning any time soon. She currently resides in San Diego, California and, like most, loves to travel herself Under deck crew members do. While her romantic life remains a mystery, it’s clear she’s too busy roaming the world to settle down just yet.

Tom Pearson – Sailors

Tom Pearson grew up by a lake and is no stranger to water, but he’s brand new to the Bravo family. the Sailing yacht below deck Deckswain was spotted putting on his boat cuff, which had us all wondering if he’ll be heading into hot water. Well, it seems like Pearson remains single, but his life is anything but boring. Returning to Windermere, England, Tom has continued to surf British waters but has taken to his new image. The Bravo star has attended a number of events following his newfound fame, including his recent appearance in London, England, to launch a new app on January 20.

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