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A wheelchair ramp (Photo: Karl Mclarty)

Dear editor,

Imagine a world where guard rails are in place to guide young and old. Public transport with padded seats and armrests provides the appropriate support for all frames, and it’s always a luxury cruise – cool, smooth and well-ventilated.

High-tech measuring devices of the special infrastructure guide the blind to their seats, with touch-sensitive audio screens guiding the journey. You will never miss your stop. You can program your route and an automatic buzzer will alert the driver. There is hand hold safety on the sidewalk and if you have bags they will help you.

There are visual marker boards and signs for the hard of hearing and those with limited speech ability. Public spaces are generally adorned with courtesy signs such as “Strengthen us, cherish the weak.”

People with mobility aids are expected to move slightly slower than the busy crowd. Those temporarily disabled by accidents find the recovery process meaningful, with the endless support of thoughtful, compassionate teams.

After all, most grow old in the best place to live and raise a family; This turns the tables and puts the patient first. National health directors ensure long-term planning for the aging population.

A caring world where all buildings have tested and approved ramps and all doors are suitable for the major wheelchair brands.

All this support can be found in a modern society adorned with appropriate home designs. There are wide walkways and equipment with appropriate freedom of movement for the physically challenged.

It is not a pipe dream, but the wonderful daily reality of exceptional people.

The mantra is thorough, systematic planning that ensures tailored programs for the optimal success of all clients.

Patients are the focus. Even the cautious patient is treated with respect. Today, patients from all walks of life are equipped with body cameras that document the blessed principle “primum nil nocere”.

Helen Ann Elizabeth

[email protected]


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