Another ex-Carnival cruise ship arrives at Breakers in Pakistan


Fascination Carnival in Jacksonville in 2012 (JAXPORT)

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The Maritime Executive

After languishing off the coast of Sri Lanka for months, another ex-Carnival Cruise Line cruise ship has arrived in front of the surf. the previous Fascination carnivalthe fourth member of the Fantasy class, arrived on February 9th to be stranded off Gaddani, Pakistan.

Built by Kvaerner Masa-Yards at its Helsinki shipyard in Finland, the 70,000 GRT fascination was launched in 1994 and sailed for the San Juan line in the Caribbean. Differing only in decor from the previous ships in the class, she was part of the cruise line’s effort to transition to larger ships as the industry grew. After many years in the Caribbean, she was repositioned later in her career and replaced with larger and newer ships. renamed Fascination carnival In a fleet-wide branding program, she operated out of Jacksonville for a time and was scheduled to relocate to Mobile before the pandemic caused the industry to shut down operations.

Carnival had also selected her as one of the ships in the class to undergo more extensive renovations, including adding balconies where possible to upgrade cabins. However, when the company decided to expedite the disposal of older vessels during the pause in operations, the Fascination carnival was one of the ships sold in September 2020. Unlike three of her sister ships, which Carnival sold for recycling at scrapyards in Turkey fascination found a buyer instead.

The stern shows the addition of balconies to the ship (JAXPORT photo)

China’s Century Cruises, which has operated river cruise ships on the Yangtze since 2000, said: “We felt uneasy and ready to head further east to the sea. As a result, Century Cruises acquired an ocean-going vessel called century harmony!” Management said they had long wanted to expand into ocean cruising and were excited about the opportunity. The renamed ship sailed to China, where short videos were released showing her being refurbished and repainted.

Say they believed that century harmony A harbinger of good things for the cruise industry, the new Chinese owners planned to launch ocean cruises in 2021. However, the Chinese cruise market remained suspended as the pandemic continued and the country adopted a strict zero-tolerance policy.

The owners were rumored to be considering using the ship as a hotel ship, but instead sold it to a trading company, Nina Services Corp, in October 2021. based in Singapore, and shortly after arriving off Sri Lanka in November. Her name later appeared abbreviated to on her AIS signal Y harmony, usually an indicator that the ship has been offered for scrap. Reports suggested she was likely going to India, but instead she lingered until leaving for Pakistan this week.

The confirmation of her sinking comes just a week after Carnival Cruise Line announced it will also be retiring two more ships of the same class. The Fantasy class originally consisted of six sisters, three of whom had already been scrapped. Carnival later expanded the class in 1998 with the enthusiasm and paradise, whose mechanical designs have been updated, including being equipped with Azipods. These two sisters have also been upgraded and will now become the last two remaining members of the Pioneer class. Carnival said last week that the Carnival sensation would not resume service and that the Carnival Ecstasy will retire in October 2022.

While older and smaller ships that didn’t produce the same financial results for the company were likely terminated a few years early by the pandemic and resulting disruption to cruise operations. Since the pandemic began, more than 20 major cruise ships, mostly all actively sailing through 2020, have been sold for recycling due to the impact on the cruise industry. In addition, there are a dozen other large cruise ships whose fate hangs in the balance, most of which are also likely to be sold for scrap.


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