American Queen immortalized in Mighty Mississippi Forever Stamps: Travel Weekly


American Queen Voyages is now part of the US Postal Service permanent stamp collection.

The Postal Service has released a new collection of Forever Ever stamps commemorating the “mighty Mississippi River” and the company’s flagship, the American Queen, features on one of the stamps.

The Mighty Mississippi Collection contains 10 photographs depicting the states along the course of the waterway. The American Queen steamship appears on the Iowa stamp in a photograph taken by David Sebben in 2015 while the ship was docked in Bettendorf. The city is on the route of the luxury domestic cruise line’s Upper Mississippi Routes, which visit cities from just outside Minneapolis to St. Louis.

“Our flagship, the American Queen, is an iconic symbol of these mighty paddle steamers and we are honored to have her grace the collection,” said John Waggoner, Founder and Chairman of American Queen Voyages, at the Beale Stamp Collection Day Celebration Street Landing in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Forever stamp news comes as American Queen Voyages celebrates its 10th anniversary of sailing the Mississippi.

Mighty Mississippi Forever stamps are sold in blocks of 10 and customers can order through the US Postal Store webshopby calling 844-737-782 or ordering by mail USA philately or at post offices nationwide.


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