A lesson on how to lie (badly)


In Chapter 57 of Spy x Family, three liars teach Anya a precious life lesson, and the irony of it all could make this chapter the best yet.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Chapter 57 by Tatsuya Endo, Casey Loe, and Rina Mapa which are now available in English on Viz.

The premise of Spy x Family is about a family built on lies. Neither of them is what they claim to be, and they have maintained a weak act of balancing their double lives. The only one who knows the truth is six-year-old Esper Anya, who really isn’t the brightest chalk in the box. Although she knows that Loid is a spy and Yor is an assassin, she somehow misunderstands and misinterprets her thoughts, leading to some really hilarious moments in the manga.

Chapter 57 was the icing on the cake. Not only do readers experience secondhand embarrassment trying to tell Anya about her cruise adventures, but they can see Loid, Yor, and Yuri try to teach Anya a valuable life lesson by telling untruths . Part of the humor in Spy x Family So the Mangaka weaves irony through the whole story and this could be his best chapter yet.

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Spy x Family Anya caught in lying meme face

After the epic cruise, Anya returned to school, puffing with pride and brimming with courage. After all, her family had just beat the bad guys on a luxury cruise ship – everyone needed to hear how heroic she was. Except as soon as she opened her mouth, an artful exaggeration of the story came out in the hope of impressing her classmates. All of a sudden, during that mission, there had been villains like Sickly Chain Bartleby, malefactors who could teleport, and, the most insidious of them all, Octo people who had invaded their ship. Fortunately, Anya boasted, she was there to save the day.

The problem, however, is that she forgot who she was talking to. This is a school with the richest and most privileged children in East Ania; They are not interested in such stories. And these kids are used to telling their own stories about celebrities they’ve met and parties they’ve gone to. That day, Anya walked with her tail between her legs. Tatsuya Endo really stepped it up in these scenes by illustrating Anya’s facial expressions and adding to the collection of Anya meme faces.

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Spy x Family Hypocrites

When Anya got home, she told her parents and Yuri, who were visiting Yor, about her disastrous day. She admitted that she just wanted attention. She was reprimanded by the three adults for lying, which is obviously hypocritical of them. The last two panels are utterly ironic, with Loid haltingly saying that lies are wrong, Yuri straight out claiming liars are rubbish and Yor fluttering around and Anya telling her to just be herself.

As they spoke aloud, Anya read her thoughts and philosophies around lying. Loid thought about how a perfect lie should be structured, Yuri tried to justify his lies and Yor was surprisingly transparent. Unlike the other two, Yor didn’t have a complicated thinking process, she just lied without really thinking – and that could be why she’s usually nervous when caught lying.

It wasn’t the adults’ words that taught Anya, but the sight of them trying to fix their double lives. It seemed too complicated for her to try on her own. That too is ironic as Anya will no doubt continue to lie given the situation of her family, and the lie she continues to tell is not that of a harmless child as she did in school.

Anya’s true lies are much more complicated and are made to protect their parents’ double lives. While she’s not the best at making up stories (she might get tips from reading Loid’s mind), she gets the job done. She doesn’t quite have it under control why Yor and Loid keep secrets from each other, but she still helps them because she loves them and could break that illusion of a family if she doesn’t.

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