A dream come true – The T-Rev


Trevor Richards (Trev) is very proud of his converted Toyota Hilux (called EV Hilux). “As far as I know, it was the first EV registration in Queensland,” he told me at the Noosa EV Expo.

Trev said he drove T-Rev and his wife drove EV Hilux. They also had an electric boat that featured electric outboard motors. Trev also built this boat, by the way.

Drive through nature

And EV Hilux is loaded often. Here with electric motors.

It can load 1000kg on the EV Hilux and 1000kg on the car trailer behind it. Here is a picture of a very heavily loaded Hilux with lithium batteries. Trev tows those 25 miles from the depot back to his shop shed.

Drive naturally

Mackay was the first charging station stop on the way to Sydney. There were many loading stops on this trip. Glen’s MGEV (the blue one) had an old, dead battery and only had a 70km range at the time of this trip. So he had to recharge every 70 km MGEV.

Drive naturally

The Toyota Hilux was converted to electric in 2007 and has traveled more than 270,000 km as an electric vehicle in the last 15 years. He has recently changed the battery pack which has covered 167,111 km in the last 9 years. He says this has impacted 10.7 cents per km on battery costs.

Trevor runs a business that sells electric drive products. Electric motors, speed controllers, batteries, etc. – all the components you need to rebuild or make your own dream come true. Speaking of which, Trev came up with the T-Rev. It was “a wild dream,” he says, “a dream that might not be possible because you’ve seen others build from scratch and gave up because of the cost or ‘the rules’.”

Trevor began building the T-Rev in 2014. The first ride was 3 years later and the registration was in February 2020. It was a long and costly dream, but it was worth it. T-Rev has had some teething problems, but has been good for a while. Unfortunately, Trevor didn’t blog the T-Rev build because he thought it might be a failure. With currently 17,681 km on the odometer (at Noosa EV Expo) the vehicle is clearly being put to good use! Then there are another 888 km to go home.

T-Rev has turned out to be a very successful project. It has excellent acceleration, is fast enough at 130 km/h and very efficient in terms of power consumption, which was the main goal of the project. It was voted the “Best Alternative”. cars 4 children 2022 show.

Where did it all start? Trevor spent 2 years (2000 & 2002) as a volunteer teacher in Kiribati and became very aware of our dependence on electricity. So he committed himself to wind and sun. Then he became interested in electric drives. He changed his company name and focused on electric drives. In business, he began to electrify everything he could. In Kiribati, he swallowed “super” fuel (the fuel that predates unleaded gasoline). Kiribati still imported “super” fuel even though it was banned in Australia. This made Trev pretty sick from toxic overload. The massive pain reaction fueled his drive-by-nature ambitions. It takes a long time to heal, but “I can deal with the smell now,” he tells me, “after being away from it for a few years. It is now rare to stop at a gas station. “

But he says: “I sometimes use the generator for long-distance travel. because the public charging stations don’t always work, so either a generator or a tow truck. There just aren’t enough charging stations like in the West.”

Trevor has become a fixture at the many EV shows and general auto shows along the east coast. The rebuilt Hilux carries the load and T-Rev pulls the crowds.

Drive through nature

Mark Bailey (Queensland Minister for Transport) and Sandy Bolton (Independent Confederation Member of Noosa) in the T-Rev.

A real classic is the 2018 Noosa event. At right is a photo of Mark Bailey (Queensland Minister for Transport) and Sandy Bolton (Noosa Independent Confederation) in the T-Rev. Mark Bailey is the initiator of the Electric Super Highway charging station infrastructure.

If you’re in the region, be sure to check out the Trev, the EV Hilux and the T-Rev at Gympie EnviroTech on August 6th.

If you want to convert or build yourself, “the budget can be decisive, but everything can be electrified!” He is enthusiastic. Check out the pictures of his electric toys his website. You are proof of that – the sky is the limit.



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