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A new season of American Horror Stories is here and season 11 of American Horror Story is set to premiere later this year, so fans are already speculating on the theme of the latest gig. So far the show has covered everything from a haunted house to a coven to an apocalypse to terrify audiences.

With the themes of the newer seasons being a little less obvious, it’s difficult to predict where the show might go next. Redditors have been discussing what topics the show should cover going forward.


A damn Wendy on the tracks in Final Destination 3

The subway has been used in several horror films; There’s something unsettling about the huge tunnels that could make them a perfect backdrop for a season of the horror show. editor halleberri says, “Maybe to get off the AHS: Underground subway theme and explore and uncover the mysteries of the vast tunnel systems beneath NYC.” While movies like the final destination Franchises have used the subway before, there’s still a lot to explore with a theme like this.


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The show has never had a mode of transportation as its main setting, so while it feels more obvious, the theme is uncharted territory. A season like this could bring characters from different backgrounds together as they ride the subway. Also there American Horror Story there would surely be monstrous creatures lurking in the tunnels and secrets hidden along the tracks.

wild West

The Hills Have Eyes 2006 Doug Bukowski

Although the Wild West is a popular film genre, it is a rarely used horror setting. editor BurningTaterDead suggests this could be an effective take for a future season of American Horror Story. The hills have eyes features mutated humans living in the desert, and a wild west theme to the show could do something similar.

Since Evan Peters portrays some of the show’s most evil characters, he could certainly take on the role of a deranged cowboy or sheriff in a season like this. This is a part of American history that hasn’t really been touched on in the show, so it would be interesting to explore. Also, seeing a typical Western with a horror or supernatural twist would be an exciting theme, especially since the show has effectively focused on other points in the story.


The four friends in the forest in The Ritual

While many seasons of the show have touched on areas of folklore and fable in the past, a full season based on it could be an interesting angle. editor missrebaz1 suggests that this would be a good theme for the show since “children’s stories have rather dark origins”. horror movies like The ritual I’ve dabbled in folklore before to scare audiences, so this could be the perfect theme for a season of American Horror Story.

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Many traditional folk tales have dark and gruesome themes that have been diluted over the years. Unlocking the origins of these stories could well translate into a season of the horror show. Folk tales often feature monstrous creatures such as Wendigos and Sires, which could appear in a season with this theme.


ghost ship

A luxury cruise ship would be an exciting backdrop for a future season and a perfect way to house characters in an enclosed space. editor azam85 says: “The only topic that interests me now is cruise ships.” While ghost ship focuses on the discovery of a missing ocean liner, a cruise ship could be a unique setting for the horror show.

Similar to last season Hotel, which features some of the best female characters in american Horror Story, It is likely that the ship’s passengers and staff have their secrets. The season could also show the passengers visiting multiple locations to expand the scope of the story, or trapping them on the ship at sea to create a claustrophobic feeling. With a season in the ocean, there could certainly be carnivorous creatures lurking in the water as well.


The show used the name of a place in the previous season Roanoke so this could be done again with Appalachia. The season might have a similar vibe to one of the scariest episodes of American Horror Stories which focuses on deformed cannibals living in the forests.

Regarding an Appalachia season, Redditor dbx77 says: “I would center the story around the Hatfields and McCoys. I think an AHS treatment of this feud could be great.” Because the show often features real characters from history, it’s likely that future seasons will continue to do so. Also, the show has explored vampires and zombies before, but hasn’t touched on werewolves yet, and this could be the perfect setting to introduce those into the world American Horror Story Universe.

Dark Academy

Miss Robichaux's Academy in American Horror Story Coven

Even though circle Set within an academy, this season focuses on witches and the war between witchcraft and voodoo. A theme that focuses on a regular educational setting with a dark history could be an interesting avenue for the show.

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On this potential topic Redditor it looks cool says “secret societies, scandals, student-teacher relationships, what are people willing to do for good grades, scholarships or promotions, etc.” An educational environment would also allow for a mixed age cast of performers. Some of the newer cast additions like Nico Greetham might represent students while some of the mainstays like Frances Conroy might represent staff.


American Horror Story has touched on the idea of ​​bad children in the past, most recently in red tide with Alma, but could explore this further in an orphanage-based season that provides the chilling backdrop for it The orphanage. editor JoOddityArt5 says, “I want a season at the orphanage.” Some American Horror Story Episodes are inspired by scary stories and there are many that could inspire a season with this theme.

While most of the kids would have to be played by newcomers to the franchise, there would be plenty of staff roles that the regulars could fill. Kathy Bates could play the matron and Finn Wittrock could play the groundsman. The show could use this theme in a unique way, avoiding the expected immersive route that’s already overdone in the show, and taking a new direction.



Though it would have to stay in America, a season focused on characters stranded on an island would be intriguing. editor Salted Salamander2140 says, “I could imagine a desert island-type scenario.” The characters in it The Green Inferno Crash land and strand, and a similar scenario could be the basis of this season.

While this concept isn’t unique in itself, there are some exciting horror twists that could be included. Whether it’s supernatural forces or hostile denizens on the island, the stranded characters could certainly be put to the test. A theme like this could also allow for a smaller cast that focuses on the fan favorites in an isolated setting.

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