2022 Poor Girls Open Results


By Scott Lenox

The final scales will close at another exciting Poor Girls Open, which has seen ranking changes at every step. The Max Bet went wire to wire taking first place in the coveted Billfish Release division and will cash a $100,000 check after tomorrow’s awards banquet. The big winner at this and every Poor Girls Open is the American Cancer Society, who will receive another sizeable donation from the Poor Girls Open, bringing the total over the 28 year tournament to nearly $2 million. Here are the rankings of the Poor Girls Open directors….

Billfish Release

1st Place Max Stake 420 Points 2 Blue Marlin / 2 White Marlin. *No photo

2nd place Buckshot 320 points 2 Blue Marlin / 1 White Marlin

3rd Place C Boys 310 points 1 Blue Marlin / 2 White Marlin


1st Place Boss Hogg 72.4lb Yellowfin

2nd Place Billfisher 69.3 lb Yellowfin

3rd Place Christine Marie 66.9 lb Yellowfin


1st place fish at 22.9 pounds

2nd place Grande Pez 22.5 pounds

3rd Place Reel Chaos 16.9 pounds


1st place right knot 56.9 pounds

2nd place Salty Sons 47.8 pounds

3rd Place Mikk’s In It Up 45.9 pounds

Jr Angler meat fish

Cora Tanning 8.5lb Dolphin BetSea

Jr Angler Billfish Release

Summer Knupp 2 White Marlin Releases

Outside of the tournament, Blake Gunther and his crew had a fantastic day fishing catching flounder and sheepshead. The flounder was caught off a shore wreck and the sheepshead was caught off the south pier on Fish in OC Bottom/Tog Jigs.

Shaun Flaherty kayaked over to the south dock last night and tonight and had some good attempts at fishing Roy Rigs. Shaun had a trout and a guard flounder last night and a border of flounder tonight.

Pancho & Lefty’s Mike G was having a nice day in the East Channel when the bunker put three flounder over 20″ in the cooler.

It was a summery sea bass bite aboard the Anglers today with Captain Chris Mizurak and crew but they still managed with some sea bass and some flounder.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star found some Limits of Sea Bass and some Mahi on today’s voyage.

I figured I missed something in the prediction. Found quite a few moored pleasure craft this morning – lines on/lights off; Boats usually a bygone era I tow my car into the marina on a windless Saturday morning in August.

Maybe it was the Poor Girls Open tournament? Boats went – just not at all as I would have expected given the weather and the calendar date.

I just do not know. It was a beautiful day despite some clouds until shortly after lunch. Beautiful, as one can hope without being greedy, I would say.

Leah, Karen & Patsy did the deed on today’s reef footage. I’ve been doing this for a while, the reef building one small step at a time – maybe fifteen years or more. But I’m amazed how many Cbass a brand new block riff already holds. Today was the fourth drop for a total of 80 blocks, two heavy blocks Trash can holder & 6 pieces terracotta whistle. If I were fishing I would definitely try it.

But for now? Let them colonize and spawn. (Maybe there will be another spawn this summer.)

Had some really decent sea bass today. At one point I was anchored on a piece I had been fishing for forty years. I’ve seen an incredible number of great catches there including one day where a 35lb cod had competition for the pool… but until August?

In the 1980’s through August this place would have been toast. In 1983 a diver told me he had seen a single sea bass chasing a lure – it was my lure. He saw no others. We caught red hake, which everyone called Ling back then.

Today there were mobs and sea bass mobs (and a ling! But that’s a DIFFERENT management issue..)

Cbass as it should be.

For many in management and restoration, that’s enough. Yes indeed. We’re done now.

No way.

It’s better than at the bottom of our region’s fish stocks, that’s for sure.

But not nearly as good as 2000/2003..

And on the coast?

Oyyyyy… We have to work!

John G was the first to unpack today. About a third would follow. Paul C. took the sea bass pool.

I could have been working towards a boat limit of sea bass – a massive rarity in August but Mahi called.

We were able to persuade some to take a bite. Absolute chaos on a party boat. I enjoy it..

I hope the mahi bite improves.



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