10 Best Underrated Horror Games on PS3


Both Empty room, which is getting a remake to be released next year, and BioShock, the new part of which is currently being developed by Cloud Chamber are prominent horror game franchises that started during the PlayStation 3 (PS3) era or the seventh generation of consoles. These historical titles are just a few of the many popular horror games on the PS3.

However, along with the iconic games, the PS3 also had some interesting horror games that are unfortunately less well-known compared to the others. Some of these games, such as The darknessshould have a little more recognition.


10 Hydrophobia: Prophecy (2011)

A screenshot from the game Hydrophobia: Prophecy

Similar to disaster report Series, Hydrophobia: Prophecy is an action-adventure game where the horror comes mostly from trying to survive in dangerous environments. Due to widespread flooding, poverty, and famine, a terrorist group known as the Malthusians bombs a luxury cruise ship called The queen of the world to reduce the world population.

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The protagonist, a systems engineer named Kate Wilson, must now try to navigate the sinking ship while trying to prevent the terrorists from realizing their plans. While it was made as the first installment in a trilogy, the developers went bankrupt, so the sequels will likely never be made. However, this brief experience is worth playing through due to the game’s realistic water mechanics and well-done graphics.

9 I live (2012)

A screenshot from the game I Am Alive

Another game that should one day get a sequel is the 2012 survival horror game I’m alive. After a cataclysmic event that killed most of the population and reduced cities to rubble, the unnamed male protagonist returns to his hometown of Haventon to try to find his wife and daughter. Instead, he helps another young girl and her mother reunite and escape the city.

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Despite the lack of world-building and engaging narrative, the game featured a realistic post-apocalyptic atmosphere in which an ordinary guy tries to survive. The game also has some unique gameplay mechanics like players being able to intimidate enemies by pointing a gun at them, or making them think the protagonist has surrendered so he can attack them if they get close enough.

8th Singularity (2010)

A screenshot from the game Singularity

published in 2010, singularity is a sci-fi FPS game in which Captain Nathaniel Renko, who is part of a group of US Recon Marines, investigates an uninhabited island called Katorga-12. When their helicopter is hit by an electromagnetic pulse, the team crashes on the island and Renko somehow travels back in time to 1955 and rescues a scientist named Nikolai Demichev.

Returning to the present, he discovers that Demichev now rules the world, and Renko must now use a time manipulation device (TMD) to save the world and get one of three endings. Though largely forgotten, TMD’s unique and fun game mechanics make it almost as good as some of the best horror FPS games. Players can age enemies, freeze them in place and turn them into mutants, and several puzzles require players to reverse time to fix broken objects.

7 Shadow of the Damned (2011)

Demon hunter Garcia Hotspur talks to his sidekick named Johnson at the start of the Shadows of the Damned game

Written by Goichi “Suda51” Suda who created the cel-shaded No more heroes Series produced by Shinji Mikami who created the resident Evil franchise, and featuring music by Akira Yamaoka, who composed the music for the silent Hill Series, shadow of the damned is a 2011 action horror game that follows a demon hunter named Garcia Hotspur. After his girlfriend Paula is kidnapped by Fleming, the lord of demons, Garcia goes to the demon realm to save her.

With the help of his buddy named Johnson, who can transform into multiple weapons, Garcia explores the underworld and defeats various enemies. While EA sadly took away many of the interesting ideas from Suda51’s original concept, these creators’ unique artistic flavors still shine through and the gameplay is entertaining enough to play through.

6 Siren: Blood Curse (2008)

A screenshot of the PS3 video game Siren Blood Curse.

Directed by Keiichiro Toyama, who also created the silent Hill Franchise, Siren: Bloodcurse is a survival horror stealth game from 2008 and the third part of the siren Series. Created as a reinterpretation of the first siren This game mainly follows several characters who get trapped in a time warp upon their arrival in the remote Hanuda village in Japan. Within the village, the characters must contend with undead creatures known as Shito.

Similar to before siren Games require players to “see Jack” or see through the eyes of another character to solve puzzles and progress. While the game uses similar plot and level maps to the original, this title introduces new characters and some gameplay improvements. With a superbly spooky soundtrack by award-winning composer Hitomi Shimizu and beautiful lighting effects, the game stands on its own despite being a remake of an older title.

5 Prototype (2009)

A screenshot of Alex Mercer in the game Prototype

Created by Radical Entertainment who also developed The Simpsons: Hit & Run, prototype is a 2009 open-world action-adventure game with horror elements set in Manhattan. The game follows an amnesiac shapeshifter named Alex Mercer who must find a way to stop a virus called Blacklight that mutates humans into monsters and uncovers his lost past.

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As with most open-world superhero games, Alex’s super strength, speed, and resilience allows him to climb, jump, and slide around town, which is always fun. But, prototype and the sequel from 2012, prototype 2, stand out by also allowing players to consume characters to gain their looks and abilities. Aside from Alex being able to mold his body into various weapons, the action is packed with interesting mechanics.

4 Catherine (2011)

A screenshot from the game Catherine

Directed by Katsura Hashino, who has worked on many titles in the US Megami Tensei Franchise, Catherine is a 2011 puzzle horror game that follows a journalist named Vincent Brooks who gets caught up in a love triangle between his girlfriend Katherine and his new love Catherine. He also has intermittent supernatural nightmares at night in which he has to climb crumbling towers to avoid dying. Depending on the player’s choices, they get one of several different endings.

Although this game and its 2019 expansion, Catherine: full body, On the surface they seem shallow, but both deal with mature issues such as cheating, career burnout, growing up, and the vulnerabilities of commitment. Likewise, Catherine has a beautiful visual art style that players want to see.

3 The Darkness Duology (2007-2012)

A screenshot from the game The Darkness II

Based on the 2007 comic book series of the same name The darkness and 2012 The Darkness II are horror-based FPS games centered around a mafia hitman named Jackie Estacado. On his 21st birthday, Jackie gains the power of darkness, a demonic force linked to his family for generations.

In addition to the regular range of weapons, the player can unlock special powers that allow the Darkness to fight enemies and move objects. Even though the gameplay can be rough at times, both games have unique art styles, detailed environments, and immersive stories.

2 Doomed 2: Bloodshot (2008)

A screenshot from the game Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Created by Monolith Productions, who also developed the blood, nobody lives forever, FEAR, and middle earth Franchise, Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a 2008 psychological survival horror game with melee-focused combat. Takes place almost a year after the events of the original 2005 game Convicted: Criminal Origins, Players once again control Ethan Thomas, who has resigned from the FBI’s Serial Crimes Unit following the events of the previous game.

But when his mentor, Malcolm Vanhorn, is murdered, Ethan is forcibly recruited back to SCU to investigate the case. While the differences between the original and this sequel alienated some fans, the game introduces many interesting gameplay features such as:

1 Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (2013)

A screenshot from the game Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut is a 2013 port of the original 2012 2D sidescrolling pixelated survival horror game lone survivor, that was a flash game. After a disease turned most people into dangerous monsters, an unnamed man wearing a surgical mask locked himself in an apartment suite.

However, with his resources and sanity dwindling, he decides to search the apartment complex to find more supplies, survivors, and a way out. With an immersive story and multiple endings, players will want to return to this immersive experience over and over again. A remake with the title Super Lonely Survivor should appear later this year.

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