‘1 to 100 million’ odds



Get Maine Lobster is accepting adoption proposals for “Haddie”

PORTLAND, Maine (WBRE / WYOU) – A rare “cotton candy” lobster was found over the weekend in Casco Bay, Maine. The lobster, now known as “Haddie”, seeks her eternal home.

The chance of landing that “one-off catch” of a cotton candy-colored lobster is estimated at 1 in 100 million, according to Get Maine Lobster.

Bill Coppersmith has worked with Get Maine Lobster however, he has been in the lobster for over four decades for the past two years. He was on his boat in Casco Bay when he found Haddie in one of his lobster traps, said Faith Yi, the company’s vice president.

Yi said Coppersmith and the Get Maine Lobster crew were very excited and shared photos of their remarkable find while they were still on the boat.

Coppersmith named the lobster Haddie after one of his granddaughters.

“Their cotton candy color, which looks pearly and almost opal-like, is the result of a genetic mutation,” said Yi.

According to Yi, Bill has only caught two other uniquely colored lobsters in his career: an orange, a white, and now the cotton candy lobster.

“Any lobster that stands out from this, such as Haddie’s cotton candy colors, puts it at risk from predators. They have a lower chance of survival in the wild, ”said Yi.

Due to Haddie’s unique coloring, it is not sold or bought for food. Yi says she is currently in an aquarium in Portland but there is an open call to interested aquariums to move her to a new home so she can live safely.



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